Brooklyn: Brand New

Remember Brooklyn? Well if not, check out the posts here and here. I was able to go over and take some pictures of her about a week after she was born, and she was just the sweetest thing ever. The second time that is :) … the first time I went over she had a bit of a meltdown, so we rescheduled, which was a really good thing, because when I went back just a couple days later it ended up being the easiest newborn session I’ve ever shot. Hope you enjoy the pictures! …Not really sure how you couldn’t though, because she is just so adorable you’d be crazy not to want to look at her. Oh, and tell me if you think she looks a little bit like her cousin in my rotating pictures up top, I think they have similar mouths. The picture of her cousin is the cute little baby in black and white and its a close up of her face, toward the end. 0038_1.jpg

This is the picture (below) that she looks a bit like her cousin in. Partly because its a really similar picture (which was a complete accident) …anyway, tell me what you think!  0052_1.jpg








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