Family Vacation : Poudre Canyon, Colorado

A couple weekends ago my Husband and I went on a vacation with some of my family out in Poudre Canyon, Colorado. We did a lot of fun things like camping, fishing, slacklining and rock climbing. It was such a fun trip and so great to spend time with my family, especially my super cute nephews :). The highlite of the trip was probably hanging out on the little tiny ledge on the side of a cliff about 100 feet up (don’t worry, my brothers are responsible and I was hooked to the cliff, perfectly safe) just so that I could get some amazing climbing pictures. Trust me, they’re WAY better than if I’d taken a bunch of butt-shots from the ground. The not-so highlite was getting a big ‘ole goose egg on my forehead from a rock my nephew flung at me (accidentally). Ok, it really wasn’t that bad and the swelling was gone by the next morning.. hahaha. Anyway, all in all it was a fantastic trip and I hope we make it a tradition to do a family camping trip every year! Now on to the pictures!

 Here’s a small preview of where we were. Such a pretty canyon… poudrecanyon1.jpg


Brother trying to chop wood ;), Husband fishing, Havey-Gravey trying to be like Uncle Daniel…guess we better get him some waders huh?


Halli lookin cute, Maximus-aka the most adorable baby boy I have EVER seen, Bry slacklining


Here we are hiking up this hillsidey spot to get to the trail, and a cactus….I wouldn’t have though there would be cactus there, random.


Me climbing, Matthew and I on the cliffside, where he’s standing (purple shoes) is where I hung out most the time I was photo-ing, yes that is a word. and lastly, this is what was keeping me from falling to my death :)


Here come Matthew’s climbing shots


This one below on the right is one of my favorites.


Bryan’s climbing shots… a couple at least, I literally took about 100 of each of them.



the end. hope you enjoyed looking!

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