Brenna & Ryan : Wedding Day - Utah Wedding Photographer

Brenna and Ryan had a wonderful wedding on August 7th surrounded by all their close friends and family. There were so many pretty details, some of which Brenna made herself! They had their ceremony and reception at Heritage Gardens which is a wonderful place! They did a great job of keeping everything moving smoothly and the food Brenna and Ryan chose was REALLY yummy, watch for the picture. It’s been so great being their photographer and I hope to continue to be there to photograph the important events in their life. Congratulations guys, your wedding was really amazing. Now on to the pictures!





















Olivia: 1 year, plus a half - Utah Children's Photographer

Remember Miss Olivia from the sneak peek I posted a while back? If not, check it out here. We met up at the Provo Castle for her 18 month pictures. She was so fun to play with and smiled so pretty for me. There were of course times when she didnt want to smile, or even look at me, just like every other little kid I photograph, but in the end I was able to get some really cute photos of her. Which one is your favorite?



This one is my favorite I think…. (below)



Or maybe this one is my favorite (below).


Or this one on the right (below)





A blog I love

I found this blog a year or so ago through another photographer and just fell in love with it. Sheye Rosemeyer writes in a way that I can’t even imagine ever writing, and I’ve been hooked since the first time I saw the blog. Her daughter Ava passed away unexpectedly and each year for her birthday (Aug 22nd) they do something to honor her, so I thought I’d post this video from her blog. Hope you enjoy it :)  … and if you’re female, you’ll probably cry every time you read her blog, this is your warning, ha.

Happy Birthday Superprincess from sheye rosemeyer on Vimeo.

Brenna + Ryan : Formals - Utah Wedding Photographer

Brenna and Ryan are married! They just got married on Saturday (the 7th) and it was a wonderful and beautiful wedding. I don’t quite have the wedding pictures ready for the blog, but I do have the formals/bridals for you! We met up about two weeks before the wedding to take some formal pictures of the two of them together at the International Peace Gardens. There was a surprisingly large number of people at the park that day, more than I’ve seen any other time I’ve been there, and the minute we walked in all eyes were on Brenna and all her gorgeousness. I had a great time taking these photos for them and am so glad they picked me to be their photographer. Now go ahead and have a look at the pictures, and be sure to leave a comment for Brenna and Ryan giving them props for looking this good in 100 degree weather :)






The picture below is the one Brenna & Ryan chose for the display at their wedding









Olivia: Preview - Utah Children's Photographer

Check out this photo I took of Olivia last week. She is a doll, dont you think? I’m finally all caught up on editing, so more posts are in the works! Don’t forget to let me know if you like the pictures :)

Brooklyn: Brand New

Remember Brooklyn? Well if not, check out the posts here and here. I was able to go over and take some pictures of her about a week after she was born, and she was just the sweetest thing ever. The second time that is :) … the first time I went over she had a bit of a meltdown, so we rescheduled, which was a really good thing, because when I went back just a couple days later it ended up being the easiest newborn session I’ve ever shot. Hope you enjoy the pictures! …Not really sure how you couldn’t though, because she is just so adorable you’d be crazy not to want to look at her. Oh, and tell me if you think she looks a little bit like her cousin in my rotating pictures up top, I think they have similar mouths. The picture of her cousin is the cute little baby in black and white and its a close up of her face, toward the end. 0038_1.jpg

This is the picture (below) that she looks a bit like her cousin in. Partly because its a really similar picture (which was a complete accident) …anyway, tell me what you think!  0052_1.jpg








Lyla: 1 year

Lyla is a year old! And cute as ever. I mean, just look at her face! I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest little girl I’ve ever met. We met up at Wheeler Farm for her pictures and had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures!   










Newborn Preview

I know I’ve been doing previews a lot lately, but a lot of photo shoots + summertime = no time. So for now I figure this is better than nothing right? …

I WILL put up a full post sometime this weekend. I promise.

For now enjoy a picture from Brooklyn’s official photo shoot, yay :) 


Family Vacation : Poudre Canyon, Colorado

A couple weekends ago my Husband and I went on a vacation with some of my family out in Poudre Canyon, Colorado. We did a lot of fun things like camping, fishing, slacklining and rock climbing. It was such a fun trip and so great to spend time with my family, especially my super cute nephews :). The highlite of the trip was probably hanging out on the little tiny ledge on the side of a cliff about 100 feet up (don’t worry, my brothers are responsible and I was hooked to the cliff, perfectly safe) just so that I could get some amazing climbing pictures. Trust me, they’re WAY better than if I’d taken a bunch of butt-shots from the ground. The not-so highlite was getting a big ‘ole goose egg on my forehead from a rock my nephew flung at me (accidentally). Ok, it really wasn’t that bad and the swelling was gone by the next morning.. hahaha. Anyway, all in all it was a fantastic trip and I hope we make it a tradition to do a family camping trip every year! Now on to the pictures!

 Here’s a small preview of where we were. Such a pretty canyon… poudrecanyon1.jpg


Brother trying to chop wood ;), Husband fishing, Havey-Gravey trying to be like Uncle Daniel…guess we better get him some waders huh?


Halli lookin cute, Maximus-aka the most adorable baby boy I have EVER seen, Bry slacklining


Here we are hiking up this hillsidey spot to get to the trail, and a cactus….I wouldn’t have though there would be cactus there, random.


Me climbing, Matthew and I on the cliffside, where he’s standing (purple shoes) is where I hung out most the time I was photo-ing, yes that is a word. and lastly, this is what was keeping me from falling to my death :)


Here come Matthew’s climbing shots


This one below on the right is one of my favorites.


Bryan’s climbing shots… a couple at least, I literally took about 100 of each of them.



the end. hope you enjoyed looking!

Bridal Preview

I have a couple sessions I need to finish editing so I can put up full posts of them, but I wanted to get at least one picture up from the bridal’s I shot tonight. Super cute huh? … I think it is. :)